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Global Pandemic, Local Impact

NOCCC Cares: Educating and Addressing COVID-19 Needs in North Omaha
In October 2020, we received the COVID-19 Response Grant from the UNMC College of Public Health in partnership with the UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities. The goal of this grant was to expand upon the work we begin with CARES Act funding from the Douglas County Health Department to achieve the following objectives:

1) Administer a comprehensive survey capturing information about needed resources, knowledge, behaviors, and beliefs related to COVID-19.
2) Develop six public service announcements (PSAs) to share information about COVID-19 and demonstrate how to appropriately engage in COVID-19 prevention strategies (e.g., proper handwashing) to keep North Omaha families protected.
3) Distribute COVID-19 related resources including but not limited to masks, hand sanitizers, and grocery items.


North Omaha COVID-19 Survey

  • In partnership with the UNMC College of Public Health Center for Reducing Health Disparities, NOCCC launched a Street Team to go into the community and collect data on more than 1,100 North Omaha residents to better understand the local impact of COVID-19. 

  • Initial survey results were shared through a town hall meeting. Further analysis is ongoing, and more information will be provided on how to access the survey data.

COVID-19 Education & Outreach

NOCCC’s community efforts to educate and support North Omaha included:

  • Distribution of masks, hand sanitizer, and community resources to residents and area businesses early in the pandemic. 

  • Development and dissemination of public service announcements about COVID-19 and mitigation of risks. 

  • Weekly Facebook Live “COVID Community Conversations” webinars from April 2020 to April 2022. NOCCC partnered with UNMC College of Nursing, North Omaha Area Health Clinic, and Clair Memorial United Methodist Church to bring pandemic experts to the program and allow community members to ask questions.

Covid-19 Town Hall Meeting May 2022

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The North Omaha Community Against COVID-19
(November 2021)

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