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NOCCC Scholarship

Annually NOCCC offers four $1,500 scholarships to North Omaha health professions students. This funding is sponsored by UNMC College of Public Health, Center for Reducing Health Disparities.

Academic Year


Award Amount

$1500 (4 available)

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Scholarship Guidelines

The NOCCC Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time, need-based incoming or current undergraduate or graduate/professional student pursuing a degree in a health-based area. The student is also a graduate from an Omaha high school, attending a Nebraska-based university or community college. This student will have a background that reflects one or more of the characteristics that achieve NOCCC’s mission. While it is not required to apply, we are highly interested in receiving applications from students who are majoring in the healthcare field and reside or grew up in North Omaha.

The NOCCC Scholarship is for tuition or books/supplies and may not be used to replace any institutional grant aid or other scholarship support in the student’s current financial aid package. The scholarship must be used in its entirety to provide additional scholarship support to the student for use during the current academic year. The scholarship may not be reduced to support additional students, nor may any portion be used to offset administrative costs. Payment will be made directly to offices associated with student payments, and it may not be refunded to students.

Once awarded, the recipient will be known as a NOCCC Scholar. The NOCCC Scholar will be asked to complete and submit the Scholarship Recipient Biographical Information Form. The biographical information form and enrollment/registration verification form must be submitted to the Scholarship Chair before the scholarship check will be released. The NOCCC Executive Committee will retain a record of NOCCC Scholars’ Biographical Information Forms to be shared at annual meetings. 

Previous scholarship recipients will not be eligible to apply at this time.

Ready to Apply?

NOCCC Scholarship Application must be completed by the student applying. 

To complete the NOCCC Scholarship Application you must:

  1. Download The Financial Need Form and have it completed by a Financial Aid Officer at your college or University.

  2. Obtain an electronic copy of your current enrollment/registration verification from your current or intended school.

  3. Download and complete an Essay Form.

    • Essay consists of up to 3 pages, double spaced, covering the following:

      • a short autobiography. Your biography must include information about what high school you attend(ed), where you grew up, your family, work experience, and community involvement.

      • What is a health problem in your community, in Omaha, or statewide?

      • How will you use your current health major to positively influence this health problem? 

  4. Complete the Scholarship Application and upload your forms.

Completed applications and uploads must be submitted

on or before October 1, 2023.

Click the icon to download the forms


Need Form



Application requirements may be submitted through the Apply Now link, via email to, or mailed to: 

North Omaha Community Care Council

c/o NOCCC Executive Committee
P.O. Box 31341
Omaha, NE 68132


If forms are mailed, they must be postmarked by the due date, October 1st. Awardees will be notified in October 2023.

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