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To provide a mechanism for collaborative efforts to improve communication and achieve greater access to affordable and quality healthcare, education, information, resources, and services for the North Omaha community.


To promote optimal health and well-being of adults, children and families who work, live, worship and do business in the North Omaha community.


To help promote ethnic diversity and cultural understanding essential to improving the overall health of Nebraskans through premier educational programs, innovative research to include community based participatory research and outreach to underserved populations in partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


The North Omaha Community Care Council was an idea and concept introduced to the faculty and staff of UNMC in the spring of 1996. Robin Kammandel, RN advocated developing a closer relationship with the local communities through the development of Community Partnership. The formulation of a community advisory board was begun with the idea that members would either live, work or own businesses in the North Omaha area. The recruitment of 20 community members and one ex-official member from the Douglas County Board of Health would encompass the working advisory board.


This board would develop its own governing By-Laws and policies for operation. A budget was given to Robin Kammandel to start operations and engagement with the community. In the fall of 1996, a Community Liaison was hired to facilitate over the newly formed NOCCC. Mr. Wayne R. Houston would be tasked with the development of By-Laws and policies, member recruitment, bi-monthly meetings, sub-committees, campus resources, and youth programming.


Under the leadership of the first NOCCC President, Carolyn Green, the advisory board established Communications, Community Health Issues, Youth and Young Adult sub-committees. Because of the need to provide services to the community and well as existing in an advisory capacity, the governance group decided to look into fundraising options. The NOCCC received 501C3 tax-exempt status on March 6, 2004.


Today the NOCCC has expanded its leadership board and members to represent over 50 organizations in and around the north Omaha community.


  • Grants for COVID-19 relief: provided masks, sanitizers, and other community resources and surveyed North Omaha residents on the impact of the pandemic.

  • Health Professions Scholarships: Offers annual scholarships to North Omaha students pursuing a health professions degree (sponsored by UNMC College of Public Health).

  • Teen Health Summit

  • Health education and screening projects with Omaha Housing Authority

  • Young Parents Project, UNMC College of Nursing

  • Southern Sudan GED Program

  • Annual Bicycle Safety Rodeo

  • ALL STARS Program at Sherman, Kennedy, Fontenelle, and Franklin Elementary Schools

  • Youth Health Career Exploration Program at North High School and Monroe Middle School

  • Collaboration with Omaha Asthma Alliance on asthma education in the North Omaha Community

  • Collaboration with ENCAP to provide educational seminars for senior participants on various health issues identified by the group

Meet The Leadership


Lynette Ingram, MA

NOCCC President

Beverly Lahlum Taylor, Ed.D

NOCCC Vice President / President-Elect

Tia Blair

NOCCC Secretary

Rev. Portia Cavitt

NOCCC Treasurer

Clair Memorial United Methodist Church

Keyonna King, DrPH, MA

NOCCC Assistant Treasurer

UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Board Members

Keyonna King, DrPH, MA

UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Donna Stewart, Ph.D.

Douglas County Youth Center

Todd Stubbendieck

AARP Nebraska

NOCCC Committees


Chair – Todd Stubbendieck

The Connectivity Committee leads the effort in communicating through social channels for NOCCC. The announcements listed on our website are approved by the chair and then published on our site. Member and community announcements are listed there and on the calendar.  


Co-Chairs – Brenda Council & Dr. Donna Stewart

The NOCCC Fundraising Committee is charged with developing and implementing the means to provide the financial resources needed to enable the membership to deliver its programs and services.


The scholarship committee is tasked with annually refining application materials, distributing and promoting the scholarship, and reviewing the applicants to select the finalists (commonly referred to as a NOCCC Scholar) who are recognized at the Annual Impact Luncheon in November.  The scholarship is typically released in the summer and the application deadline is in October.  Each scholar can receive up to $1,500 each contingent upon sponsorship and donations.  During the luncheon, the scholarship chair presents each NOCCC Scholar with a scholarship award certificate of recognition.  The checks are hand-delivered to each college the first week of December.  Due to capacity, we have not been able to engage the past NOCCC Scholars, but we envision developing a plan to create a network for the NOCCC Scholars to stay in touch with NOCCC and each other. We hope to build our capacity to do this in the coming year!  We also welcome other ideas to engage past and current NOCCC Scholars as NOCCC members and other ways (e.g., serving on the Teen Health Summit Planning Committee).


Co-Chairs – La'Tresha Rideout MA, BS. & Kate Fiandt

The membership committee is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of members and implementing strategies to increase memberships. The annual membership fee is $25 for individuals, $350 for non-profits, and $500 for businesses. The annual fees are due by March 31st each year. Individuals can join the organization at any time during the year. However, non-profit and business memberships cannot be accepted after June 30th & the same costs stated above still apply. After that date, any business/ non-profit interested in joining will be requested to sponsor a table for eight at our Annual Impact Luncheon at the end of the year for $350, and they can join the next calendar year. 

Youth and Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs – Rev. Portia Cavitt & La'Tresha Rideout MA, BS.

This committee is responsible for hosting the annual Metro Area Teen Health Summit on the second Friday in July between 8am-4pm. The day-long summit seeks to promote health and well-being for underrepresented and underserved junior high and high school students with a focus on behavioral health careers. We also provide a Patient Assistant Fund to 6 North Omaha health centers to cover doctor visit costs, deductibles, medication, or assistance with transportation costs.

Annual Luncheon 

Chair – Dr. Donna Stewart

The luncheon committee is tasked with the planning and execution of the Annual Impact Luncheon.  This is the largest annual fundraising event of the NOCCC and is typically held in November.  During the luncheon, individuals from the Omaha Community who have demonstrated exceptional public service and dedication to the health and wellness of the North Omaha Community will be honored with one of our three Spirit Awards in the areas of youth, business, and community.  The NOCCC scholarship recipients are also recognized during the luncheon. 

*Committees meet a minimum of 3 times per year. To join a committee contact the committee chair

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